PERMA-GRIP: The corrosion resistant fastener... that works.


Perma-grip® is the largest selling medium duty concrete anchor in some parts of the United States. Most of the sales have been to STAFDA distributors. The largest STAFDA distributors, such as Carlson Systems, Dynamic Fasteners, Fastenal, Fasteners, Inc., and White Cap Construction Supply, sell the Perma-grip® anchor. In fact, any distributor that sells Tapcon® can sell Perma-grip® along side it because most screw anchors are never removed. The installer of these anchors will prefer Perma-grip® instead of concrete screws because of the "setting" sensation with the hammer.

  • Easy to Install
  • Galvanized
  • Longer Fastener Life
  • Cost Effective
  • Top Performance Every time