PERMA-GRIP: The corrosion resistant fastener... that works.

Mechanical Fastening to Concrete

The System

The Perma-grip® System consists of the Perma-Grip® fasteners and special close tolerance carbide tipped drill bits to assure positive engagement.

Perma-grip® Fasteners

Perma-grip® fasteners are mechanically galvanized and are designed to penetrate the pre-drilled hole with minimum effort.

3/16" Drill Bits

The Perma-grip® fastening system offers close tolerance carbide tipped drill bits for Hammer drills and Rotary hammers. The use of other drill bits can severely affect the strength characteristics of the fastener.

The Rotary hammer drill bits are recommended for higher strength substrates.


  • Recommended for use with ACQ treated lumber
  • No special driving tools required
  • Galvanized
  • No head shearing
  • Control of embedment
  • Excellent shear strength
  • High performance at lower cost
  • Available in extra-long lengths
  • Available with regular shank or S.D.S drill bits
  • Compatible with steel and plastic stress plates

Work Safe – Wear Eye Protection

Fastener Selection

In selecting the Perma-grip® Fastener length, for most substrates add 1” (25mm) to the fixture thickness.


  • Convenient 100's with Perma-grip® straight shank drill bit
  • Bulk pack carton are fasteners only

Tools Required

  • Standard Hammer Drill or Rotary Hammer
  • 24 oz. conventional hammer or 2-1/2 lb. mini-sledge


  1. With the Perma-grip® drill bit, drill through the fixture into the concrete.
  2. Pilot holes are to be ¼” deeper than the engagement of the Perma-grip® fastener.
  3. Tap the Perma-grip® fastener until securely seated.